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A few years ago Dr. Yolanda was recommended to me. At that time the love of my life, a chocolate lab-chow mix, Miss Molly Brown, had symptoms that for months no vet could properly diagnose. Enter Dr. Yolanda who suspected Cushing disease. She quickly ordered the right tests which resulted in a correct diagnosis and treatment. From that point I entrusted all my 4-legged babies to Dr. Yolanda's care and have never been given a reason to second guess my decision. 

Sure there is the convenience of Dr. Yolanda coming into your home, but her professionalism is what really makes the difference. She is extremely thorough in her examinations and takes the time to explain everything to her clients in layman terms. She is patient, reliable, thoughtful, and goes the extra mile to ensure your pet receives the highest standard of care.

I don't often recommend anyone as all too often we are let down; however I give the strongest recommendation possible for Dr. Yolanda to care for any pets you are privileged enough to call your baby(s). I would never change vets (and now I can never move from south Florida as she is simply the best!!).

Nancy from Weston
Mommy to Oliver, Theodore, Melanie, KC, Zoe, & Papa K


Dr. Yolanda - You're the best.  Thank you for always being so sweet and kind with my pup.  He is very at ease with you.  It's very reassuring and comforting to know that I have someone who cares so much for my pet that I love so much.  THANKS!

Claudia D.


You are a wonderful, kind, compassionate veterinarian and it was wonderful that Rusty got to meet you!  Thank you for everything and I hope that we can meet again soon! 

I will continue to speak your name with high regard and recommend you whenever the opportunity exists.


Phyllis Gelman


I think Dr. Yolanda is the best and so does Buddy!!!!  He doesn't have to get all nervous and stressed about going to the vet's office!!! We love Dr. Yolanda!

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all you did for Shelby, George and I. You were a god send and a blessing at such a fragile and difficult time. Thank you also for honoring Shelby's memory in such a special and significant way. You are a very special person and I will always remember your kindness and generosity. 

Dr. Yolanda has taken care of our beloved cat Elliott for over 10 years.  Throughout this time, Elliott has had the absolute best care possible.  Dr. Yolanda always makes herself available for any questions or concerns we might have.  Any and all issues we've encountered have been dealt with right away.  The best benefit Dr. Yolanda has offered Elliott over the years is the majority of her care has always been in the comfort of our home, without the anxiety and stress of traveling in the car to go to the vet's office.  This is not only convenient for Elliott, but also for my busy schedule as a working mom.  Dr. Yolanda's knowledge of the most current practices, treatments, food and medicines are evident as soon as you meet her.  And if there is anything she is not able to assist with, Dr. Yolanda will refer you to the absolute best specialist when needed.  For Elliott (who has recently been diagnosed with lymphoma), she is in constant communication with the oncologist, monitoring her health and helping in any way she can.  I would not hesitate to refer Dr. Yolanda - you can trust her to have only the best intentions for you and your pet.  

Annie M. from Miramar


Hi all!  For those of you who love your vet and don't mind the travel, please ignore this letter.  But for those of you who hate the trip, have multiple pets, have "pet-transport" issues, want to have a good "back-up" vet, or just want to share a great vet who makes HOUSE CALLS (at reasonable prices!) with your clients, please be aware that Dr. Yolanda is wonderful and available to come to your home.  She's a personal friend, excellent veterinarian, and, quite simply, a lovely lady!



Thank you so much for your time, patience, and expertise during your house call today. I know what a difficult situation it is to provide care for my pet and I appreciate everything you and Mary did. It is comforting to know that there is an alternative to visiting the animal hospital. Again, it was a pleasure meeting you and Mary and we appreciate all both of you did.

Dr. Ochoa, thank you so much for the lovely donation to the Humane Society in honor of Marley.  You and your staff are so kind and thoughtful.  Thank you again for being the most wonderful vet.  You are so bright, capable, and caring, and have such a wonderful way with the animals.  It is still very strange here without Marley and we miss him so much.  I am trying to keep my mind strong and focus on the wonderful memories we have of him.  Thanks again for everything. 

Once again, thank you for everything. Brickell was such an amazing part of our family and you gave her the best care ever since she was a puppy throughout her whole fun filled life! We really appreciate everything that you did for her and our family!
We are definitely going to start looking for a puppy soon, as soon as we are ready and you will be our puppy's first call! 

Thanks again!

K.R. of Coral Springs.....

March 15, 2010:   Dear Dr. Yolanda, Thanks so much for your professional assessment of my cat, Suke.  Even though I had made an appointment for his dental procedure at another animal hospital, the passion you showed in your examination and testing of Suke was all I needed to see to have you perform the dental procedure on my cat.  Your follow-up calls to find out how Suke was doing also shows that you care about your patients and their owners.  Thank you again.

Mark and Victoria D.


Here's a picture of Louie and Walter taking a stroll in Plantation, Florida.  (Clients since 2007.)


Hi Dr. Yolanda, Congrats on your website -- looks good! :) 

I REALLY appreciate how kind and helpful you were when we had to euthanize our kitty, Jelly. I have since recommended you to MANY of my friends (all huge animal-lovers with lots of pets).  Thanks again for your help at a very difficult time.

Best regards,

Dr. Yolanda Ochoa Hennekens, "mobile vet", first came into my life when my sweet 14  year old Golden Retriever "Zach" went out of it.  Under the worst of circumstances and never having met before, she was professional, informative, compassionate, and competent, connecting with Zach quickly, evaluating his needs and articulating realistic options clearly, yet sensitively.  About a year later, my 8 week old Golden "Schooner" and Dr. Yolanda first met and now 6 years later, she is still his favorite vet!  Dr. Yolanda practices an effective combination of traditional and holistic veterinary medicine.  When necessary she does not hesitate to refer to, and recommend, appropriate specialists.  She is efficient but not hurried, and takes every opportunity to educate and support her clients in following "best practices" in pet health care.  Many people have asked me if I have a good vet, and I happily and confidently recommend Dr. Yolanda. 

Deb D. from Davie

WELCOME to Veterinary House Calls for Pets 

Hello and nice to meet you !
I am​​  Dr. Yolanda

Thanks Dr. Yolanda!  I love that my vet comes to my house and has been my friend for years, and Roscoe loves her!!!


Thank you so much for all your help with making sure all of Joeys requirements were met for travel to Australia and for all your care of him and Jack the cat (who is doing really well up in North Carolina).

Hope you are doing well.

Katrina formerly of Weston and now of Australia

               Veterinary Care Right in Your Own Home

I met Dr. Yolanda back in 1999 when I had my Labrador Tedi.  She had gotten too old to get in and out of my car so when I heard that Dr. Yolanda came to the house it was a perfect solution.  Dr. Yolanda is awesome in every way.  She gets right down there on the floor and talks to your pet so that they are more at ease.  When it was time to put Tedi to rest, Dr. Yolanda was there for us.  About a week afterwards, she personally delivered Tedi’s ashes to me and then the following week I get a postcard in the mail that she had made a donation in Tedi’s name and a tree would be planted in her name.  I was overwhelmed by her compassion and generosity.  I now have a Cocker Spaniel named Coco and recently he had gotten into some rat poison and we almost lost him.  When I called Dr. Yolanda she was in bed with the flu but still took my call and advised us on what to do.  When I was concerned about what was happening at the animal hospital she phoned them and then relayed all the important news to us.  Coco survived his ordeal and Dr. Yolanda has been by several times to monitor his blood and coordinated with the animal hospital on his follow up treatment.  Not only does Coco love her but we do too.  In this day and age when so many people are just going through the motions, it’s nice to have someone who truly loves what they do. Dr. Yolanda is that person, and I would never let anyone else treat my pets.

Donna from Plantation